Saturday, 19 January 2008

How Hollywood Works

I have been playing with an online tool Cmap to create organisation diagrams for my course work.

So I thought I'd diagram one organisational structure I am quite familiar with, that is Hollywood and how motion pictures are made.

Don't print it if you're offended by words such as "kiss ass" and "blow" used as legitimate functions on a movie set. It's a satire. The truth is worse.

My definitions are that "kiss ass" means there's a fair amount of give and take between the roles which may not be equal in salary but are equal in power. "Blow" means that person is subservient and dependent on their master. "Shaft" means that a person may not be a master but their actions can take precedence as long as other people have to blow them.

P.S. all you bloggers out there. I am really chuffed that in just a few days several places have posted my chart on THEIR sites and lots of people have said they think its funny but only one blogger has had the grace to credit the author. That's Hollywood for you.