Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hustings Statement

I am standing to serve the people of Halesworth because fourteen years ago, after living abroad for eighteen years, I came to live in Halesworth by choice and my satisfaction with that choice hasn't wavered since. Despite the many challenges we all face in today's economic conditions, I am convinced Halesworth still has the potential to remain a thriving, vibrant town and can grow sustainably as a place that offers a future for young people.
I am politically independent. I firmly believe a town council must be independent of party politics.
If elected, I pledge to always consider what is practically in the best interests of the whole town and not short-term political gains to assure the whole community's long-term survival. I expect this will entail sometimes difficult and pragmatic decisions when competing interests will pull us in different directions but I offer you my commitment to transparent deliberations in consultation with the community so that everyone in Halesworth will always have a voice and can take collective responsibility for taking these decisions. Electing me to your council may relieve you of the chore of attending every meeting but it does not repeal your responsibility to participate in democracy by supporting and guiding your council and it is on that basis I expect to serve you.

If you want some assurance of my competence; I have had a career in film and television production where realising ambitious visions with very limited resources has taught me a great number of management and budgetary skills. I have also had a career in news media which has taught me to be a communicator and I now work in community development; helping people realise their ambitions for their community.