Friday, 19 October 2007

Artists wanted

I put this appeal out on my school intranet this morning:

Dear All,

I am looking for artists in any media who have considered the subject of water towers.

The second annual exhibition by a group of East Anglian artists (see below) devoted to water towers has just been held. I hope the third one in August 2008 will be bigger, wider in scope and in a more accessible location.

Why water towers? Plainly obvious but usually mysterious - and amongst mankind’s oldest structures - water towers have always inspired artists, poets, photographers and filmmakers but the extent of their cultural influence is hardly known. The influence of water availability on our society cannot be overstated yet hardly any information survives about who built or designed British water towers, even the modern ones. Their stimulus on the development of other technology is surprising. With so many towers now redundant from their original purpose, I believe great benefits can be derived from their reuse. The encouragement of research, preservation and provision of information on water towers is a project that I began with a Millennium Lottery grant in 2003.

I am working with several tower owners to develop public access for tours and I have lately facilitated TV programmes and radio documentaries. I am also seeking contributors and funding for the expanded print and web version of the water tower guide I published in 2005.

If you'd like to get involved, please contact me here.

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