Saturday, 23 August 2008

Walk this way

Unbelievable but true. Your pedestrian crossing points the way to God. Prisma Teknik AB is a family-run business making signals equipment based in the southern Swedish county of Småland, an area with a reputation as Sweden's bible belt. Designer Kenneth Österlin has issued a written statement categorically denying that his design with a finger pointing to the signal button has any religious meaning after the company CEO Jan Lund told Swedish online newspaper The Local that the company's signals point the way to God in 17 countries including Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Belgium, Israel, and the US among others.

And I thought walking at the sign of the green man was a conspiracy by the Pagans!In the USA you walk at the sign of the white man, which is even more sinister.

Although it does seem that people have an unshakeable faith that pushing the button on crosswalks (pedestrian crossings) makes a difference.

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  1. I wonder if thay admitted this because it occured to them that NObody would ever connect a pointing hand (an age old iconic image)with God. "Hey, you don't suppose people actually think we are pointing to the button?"