Monday, 1 September 2008

Madonna Was Right (comparing McCain to Hitler)

I love America and the Americans. If I didn't, I would have become one athough I despair for it and its political system.

The impotence of the people these days is not the vision the founding fathers had. Like the anarchist slogan says, "don't vote: the goverment always gets in." There seems little point in debating or discussing politics in a country when most people's response is "hey buddy, America: love it or leave it." This know nothing attitude seems ingrained from birth by the education system which (I am reliably informed) was designed to ensure conformity and stifle dissent. Now that the US education system has failed to educate or inculcate, depending on your point of view, there is a widening chasm between 'class', wealth and ethnicity.

My former neighbour in Los Angeles Lionel Rolfe has taken pains to explain how the Republican candidate does not live up to the ideals the GOP claim to uphold; "Republicans, as hopefully a majority of Americans have finally figured out, are for the most part a collection of hypocrites, thugs and pious thieves.That is why they verge on being not old-fashioned conservatives, but American fascists."

I am going to sit on the fence about sharing his views. In some respects I am politically naive. On some matters, like health insurance, I am an ardent 'socialist'. I support benefits for widows and families with young children but I can't stand freeloaders (and I know of plenty) who live on benefits rather than work. On others, like business, I am rather conservative and can support low taxes and a free market. What matters most to me in political affairs is transparency and integrity.

Lionel Rolfe is that increasingly rare creature in America, a socialist. His polemic gives me an idea for a play (perhaps not a very original one) where in heaven Richard Nixon and the GOP face a class action lawsuit on behalf of the American people by Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and Ben Franklin for polluting their vision of America. What are the charges and what is the defence?

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