Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Mad Man Marr

Is it just me or does anyone else notice that when political journalist Andrew Marr speaks, sometimes weird expressions flash across his countenance, as if his face was about to transform into some hideous beast but then his expression recomposes itself into one of earnest attention?
Is he actually an alien like in Men In Black and every now and then the force field manipulating the photons emanating from him into the illusion of a humaniod has a power surge? It's something our PM Gordon Brown does as well, along with that annoying jaw drop-then-gulp tic he has. It's a shame, once you see it you can't stop noticing it.
Perhaps it is Andew's inner psyche telling us through his body language "I hate listening to these liars". Although I noticed this lately when he was talking to Roger Daltrey about his fundraising for a cancer charity on the BBC website so perhaps it was a response to Daltrey's ever increasing dullness as an interviewee over the years. Suddenly Andrew turns aside and makes a hideous leering grin to the camera, then turns back and carries on. It's subliminaly quick and difficult to capture but watch this clip a few times at 3 minutes 40 seconds and tell me what you think.

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