Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Music Industry Gets Green Mark

The music industry think tank Julies Bicycle has launched a green action plan that offers a certification for organisations to get a green standard mark. Along with the London Green Theatre initiative and the forthcoming 'Green Screen' plan, the UK's creative industries are leading the way in adapting their practises to become sustainable.

The Industry Green Standards© Framework Standards are based on international standards and determined by overarching guidance provided by PAS 2050 and the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. They fit into a framework which includes existing standards relating (such as BS8901, ISO140001).

It makes a lot of sense to make greening the creative industries a priority, even if they aren't the most egregious users of energy or polluters. Anna Beech, sustainability manager of the Arcola Theatre told me "the creative industries can be one of the most innovative players in climate change issues as we have the media power to communicate climate change to our audiences..."

The new guide, jointly published with the Mayor of London, is an important new practical aide for the music industry to take action on climate change and reduce carbon emissions from the music industry.

Details of the standard mark


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