Monday, 4 May 2009

The British Burger

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I despair at the sight of this. Last Sunday, at my child's behest, I queued in a pub garden for twenty minutes to pay £3 for a mystery beefburger.

The Geldeston Locks Inn is renown for good food but with 1000+ people turning up for May Day celebrations, running a bbq stand in the garden must have seemed to the management a good idea and, at this price, it must be extremely profitable.

So why do they risk their reputation by preparing and serving food in such a substandard way? The anemic grill could barely keep up with demand (and at these prices they could have bought a professional grill with under half an hour's takings) and the meat patties were the frozen ones filled with cereal and binders you can get in every cash & carry.

It must be because the punters hardly know anything different. This is what they expect. They don't have any higher expectations. They have never been to the Apple Pan where famously grumpy servers can deliver the most delicious burgers in about twenty seconds and have wrapping it in greaseproof paper down to a folk art.

While chefs (at least he was dressed as a chef) serve such crap with total indifference to their customer, McDonalds market share is secure.

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