Monday, 1 June 2009

BBC sets date for Mouse-acre at Bush House

After a two-year long off-the-radar campaign of traps and chemical warfare has proved ineffective, the BBC World Service has set Friday June 5th as the date for a surge against the rodent invaders of Bush House.

In a memo circulated to all staff, the BBC has stated that starting at 10.30 am, a specialist cleaning team will visit every desk and work station whereupon:

* Any papers or boxes left on the ground will be thrown out
* Piles of paper on desks will be thrown away
* Pedestals and drawers in every desk will be vacuumed as they may be used by mice for nesting

The use of pedestals and hot-desks will be reviewed to reduce the likelihood of mice using them for nests.

Every member of the news department will now required to (as if anyone needs to be told):

* throw food scraps in the catering bins

*throw papers in the recycling bins

*return trays to the kitchens

* not leave sachets lying around

* leave desks clean for the next shift

Bait boxes were placed under the floors last week and it will take a while to see their effect. Unfortunately if mice find food elsewhere they will not take the bait.

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