Monday, 21 July 2008

Other bloggers I like

A big welcome to the readers who have cruised by from Bob Shingleford's 'On an Overgrown Path' and Michael Taylor's 'Blood, Sweat and Tedium' blogs. I must be the nexus between classical music and film and television production.

If you want to see the film industry as I remember it, a career path with many dark places and much dirty work but the occasional moment of high-five satisfaction then MT is the man for the low down on Hollywood.

Bob or 'Pliable' to his readers has many strings to his bow as a blogger, podcaster and writer on classical and modern music and shares fascinating insights and the odd bit of juicy gossip from the orchestra pit. There's a place both these overlap but never meet and that is on celluloid and I'd be interested to read a film composer's blog to round out the set.

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